Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Turning your armoire into a cedar closet

If you live in a small apartment or condo, chances are you have little or no closet space. An armoire is a delightful addition to a bedroom because it provides a sense of character as well as much-needed storage space for your expensive clothes. It can also be a beautiful piece of furniture that can last for decades.

Small spaces in towns such as hoboken and jersey city. Its important to get the most out of your armoire as you possibly can.

You can turn an armoire into a cedar closet by lining the inside with cedar planks or panels that are available in most homes centers, lowes, home depot etc... Aromatic Eastern Redcedar closet liners, which are made from juniper trees, will freshen your clothes with a great cedar scent (if your into that :)) There is an added benefit: The cedar naturally protects your clothes from moth larvae that eat wool and from silverfish that like to eat cotton and rayon.

Cedar is nature's pest repellant. After a year or two, the cedar scent will go away.. But you can bring it right back by lightly sanding the closet liners. Takes a few minutes is all

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Francesco Mazzaferro

Monday, March 30, 2009

Here's a way to spice up your condo

When it comes to real estate, your condo's color as a matter of fact has alot to do with the emotional connection people have to a home. That is one reason why, when homeowners experience personal change, they often think of painting and remodeling the house.

When your selling your home you should not have bright pink in your lounge room and/or orange in your sun room. When selling your condo or home, get it sold quickly and efficiently by appealing to soon to be buyers by painting or redecorating in a neutral way.

Buyers must have an independent feeling towards a home that they go into, dont be silly, in this market its your duty as a seller to listen to a real estate agent that gives you this advice :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You can cut your property taxes by 47% in hoboken?

Apparently here in hoboken and jersey city one developer had a sign saying they could cut your Hoboken property taxes by 47%. Actually offended hobokens mayor Dave Roberts. If its the truth why get so offended? typical politics. The sign actually referenced Hobokens state takeover and subsequent massive tax hike. The overall property tax rate for hoboken property owners increased 47 percent for the fiscal year that ends june 30.

They claimed to be nice guys although legally not binded to take it down.

So if you live in Hoboken you CAN cut your property taxes down. so DO IT!

Where can we go from here?

According to Cnn analysts "The National Association of Realtors said that existing home sales rose last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.72 million million units, up 5.1% from a rate of 4.49 million in January. February sales were down nearly 5% from year ago levels"

All in all I think people are more educated about opportunity and willing to take risks. This being the case condo and co-op sales have increased by 4.5% in hudson county. If you buy now at these ridiculous levels you will make out in the end.

The point is very simple, will we continue to go down throughout the year? I think so and so do the top economists, however real estate in the right areas will boom like nobodies business and the reason is simple, people that leave the city and go into Urban/Suburbs like in towns such as Hoboken, Jersey City have the attraction of lower rent, mortgages and taxes.

Wouldnt you rather look at the beautiful New York City landscape from a far anyway?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hoboken finally seeing the light...

We saw Hoboken the city where my real estate business with coldwell banker resides is one of the best up and coming places in the state let alone the entire northeast

unfortunately the city felt alot of pain in 2008 due to uncollected taxes. however now with a new finance minister in place, homes in hoboken are getting properly assessed. And now the city can afford to pave your sidewalk making hoboken pretty again.

With the new finance minister Nick Trasente we should see Hoboken finally turn around and collect taxes properly and on time.

New IRS program will go over well with common folk...

Recently the government has been putting together an online tax service to make it easier and with less mistakes done on tax returns.

Its always good to quickly get your hands on your tax refund - and in today's economy its doubly important for many Americans.

The E-File program totaled nearly 90 million tax returns in 2008. Almost 58 percent of all returns were filed electronically. Last year, there was a surge in e-file from home computers.

What does this mean? basically this is the best way to complete your taxes for the year

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