Friday, July 24, 2009

Steps to Purchasing Your First Home Successfully

I have been getting many calls regarding first time home purchases. It seems like there is a lack of understanding because everyone, instead of taking the time to research what to do and what they need, thinks buying a home in this market is easy. This point of view cannot be further from the truth. Thus, I made up the best list I could think of, of what first time buyers/investors need to do before talking to an experienced professional:

1) Getting a "Preapproval" letter
- this is huge and probably the biggest step in the process because it proves to us, the realtor, that you have the money for a mortgage thus the bank trust to give you x number of dollars for a mortgage etc...

2) Time frame of the move
- if you are looking to move within 6 months to a year or have NO time frame, what does that tell realtors? It tells us that you cant be serious enough if you have a time frame longer than 3 months. Look, we know this is the biggest decision of your life, financially speaking however if you have the funds, think this is the time in the market to buy, always waiting for the perfect opportunity why are you waiting.

3) Have you been looking for a while?
- if you just started chances are you wont by for a while, you have to get used to the area, used to professionals you want to work with, and used to what you want, without this experience by yourself it is hard for you to say ok this is what I want, now im ready to pull the trigger.

- so look for a while on your own, once you feel that your "ready" and say i want to move as soon as possible and have a preapproval, then you are officially a "buyer" and congrats :)

Knowledge is Power

Hope this helps, any questions regarding the buying process, contact me directly at (201) 533-3070

Realtor Mumbo Jumbo

Recently I was searching for a website to give my clients a dictionary in regards to real estate "mumbo jumbo". this site is a pretty good source that shows you the terms and phrases used by real estate professionals.

Given market conditions, there are ALOT of first time home buyers that need guidance so this site should definitely help you out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Featured in Brokers Weekly

As of Wednesday, July 22, Brokers Weekly put out an article about the ardan house, one of the best craftmenship jobs I have seen in a while. This 12 Unit complex had everything you can think of under the sun in terms of layouts, materials and perfection. Raffi Arslanian is the builder who Griselle and I work with to get his properties sold. Raffi was named a "visionary" in union city urban development by coldwell banker.

There is one more left, so I suggest any one of my clients reading this article should schedule an appointment very soon!