Thursday, October 08, 2009

Every Agent is Not Created Equal

We hear of horror stories working with the wrong agent. Most of us use an agent from a friend that has used him or her in the past. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesnt. Bottomline is most agents do mean well however now is the time that working with an agent who has experience really helps you go the distance.

First time home buyers have taken control of this market, they call a broker, they go out and never seem to feel as comfortable enough to make an offer on a property. If an agent isnt taken the time to explain to you the market and the way a transaction should work, then your agent is not a good agent, plain and simple, thus you should move on to someone who knows. there should be three things you should watch for when selecting an agent to work with.

1) Does he/she have a good grasp on the market?

2) Has he/she explained to you the process?

3) Do you trust him or her?

if you answered yes to all these questions, your working with the right agent.

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