Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Few Things Buyers Should Know

1) Stop holding yourself to knowing everything about the real estate market!
- Buyers need to understand that you can not know it all. This market changes everyday, what we recommend is to know enough to make the proper decision.

2) Fear drives the buyer to a decision or no decision
- lets put this in perspective. as a potential buyer of property you must have done something worthwhile to get to this point, is fear driving you away from pulling the trigger? Don't let it. You have saved countless months for this point to come and the worst is to let your emotions dictate how you see this process. Lose the fear or lose the condo

3) It comes down to the price you are looking for
- many people start looking way out their price range look for a month get frustrated, and depending upon how the agent assisted them they fall off the face of earth, why? you started looking for a reason, and your just going to give up?

the bottom line is that weather we are in Hoboken or Jersey city, the same rules apply no matter how you buy real estate, work with someone who knows he market and trust them depending upon the vibe you get from him because it is extremely important to be comfortable when working with an agent in assisting you buying a condo.

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